Litecoin LTC: What It Is, How It Works, Vs Bitcoin

Rather, Ripple Labs issued the entire XRP supply of 100 billions at the inception of the XRP ledger and placed it into an escrow. Each month the company is set to release 1 billion XRP into circulation, with any unused amount placed in another escrow. XRP protects RippleNet from spam by requiring a small amount the commitments of traders bible of the crypto to be burned with each transaction. Since XRP’s inception in 2012, close to 10 million XRP have already been burned. The owners of Ripple initially allocated 20% of the max supply to themselves. Additional infoThe massive wealth of whales gives them a strong influence over the market.

The Lightning Network is a Bitcoin-specific solution made possible by SegWit. Ethereum’s second-layer solutions include Plasma and Raiden. Additional infoScrypt is a mining algorithm designed to make it difficult to perform large scale hardware attacks without an abundance of computing power. Many cryptocurrencies use a simplified version of Scrypt as a means of obtaining proof of work. Scrypt is pronounced as the letter S and the word crypt, much like ‘encrypt’ is pronounced as the letter N and the word crypt. The hashing algorithm of Litecoin’s blockchain that allows blocks to be mined relatively fast and with less computing power than in Bitcoin.

litecoin abbreviation

Instead, they fork the source code of the blockchain, creating a brand new and separate blockchain that starts from the genesis block up. Litecoin is an example of a source-code fork from the Bitcoin blockchain. A fork of a blockchain’s source code that is the basis for a new and independent blockchain. The term is also used outside the blockchain environment.

However, in a strong bull or bear market trend, stochastic RSI can irrationally surpass these levels and remain above or below them for an extended period of time. The distinctive feature of the stochastic RSI is that it tends to enter overbought and oversold levels more frequently than regular RSI. Additional infoThe value of stablecoins is determined by the underlying asset.

Breakouts that happen when the price break a support level are also called ‘breakdowns’. Additional infoBlockchains have been experiencing a remarkable growth in the number of their users. The more the users are, the greater the number of transactions. In order for the network to be able to handle the stress, blockchains need to adapt to be able to process these transactions faster and without delay or any issues.

Therefore, the perfect entry point is just before the start of a long-term bullish market, or soon after the bullish trend has started. Position traders utilize technical analysis to identify good entry points, while exceptional fundamental analysis could help them evaluate what price an asset will reach in the future. Additional infoEvery participant on the blockchain network is called a node. Strictly speaking, a node is a device that receives inputs and sends outputs to other nodes. In blockchain, nodes are commonly divided into full nodes and light nodes based on how much of the blockchain they store.

Following a discussion, the proposal should be submitted to the LIPs git repository as a pull request. Litecoin can be bought directly through an exchange marketplace, or converted from digital currencies in cryptocurrency conversion services. Litecoin is purchased through cryptocurrency exchanges the way any other crypto would be bought. It is thought that Litecoin was released via an open-source client on GitHub on 7 October, 2011 by Charlie Lee, a former Google employee. Litecoin was not pre-mined, and has a maximum supply of 84 million, exactly 4 times that of Bitcoin.

What Is Litecoin (LTC)?

This means that they securely store their purchased assets and are prepared to wait for months or even years before selling it. This kind of strategy drastically decreases stress and time involved in trading. Holder, sometimes spelt ‘hodler’, is a particularly popular expression in crypto circles. A term in technical analysis which refers to a price point on the chart which exceeds the chart’s previous price high point. A reversal chart pattern consisting of two lower peaks at the sides and a higher peak in the middle. It indicates the end of a bull trend and the start of a bear trend.

litecoin abbreviation

It aims to enable near-instant and low-cost payments between merchants and customers that use Bitcoin. As this particular transaction ID changed from to the network will not be able to find this. The transaction from Bob to Carol will fail, and Bob gets his goods while still holding his BTC.

P2P Network

In case your desired amount exceeds the currently available amount at the market price, your order will get repositioned to the next order book offer until the trade is fully executed. Other common order types include the market order, the limit order and the stop order. Additional infoIchimoku cloud is a technical indicator developed by Japanese stock analyst Goichi Hosoda. It is a powerful indicator with many use cases, which include spotting support and resistance zones, predicting uptrends and downtrends and identifying overbought and oversold levels. It is most useful when the market is in a strong trend , while it is not as reliable when the market is moving horizontally.

Additional infoA 51% attack is primarily a threat for blockchains created through the process of mining. In a 51% attack scenario, a person or an organization with the majority of the mining power reverses completed transactions in order to spend the same coins twice. Additional infoThe tweezer bottom pattern starts with a long bearish candle, followed by a very small candle, either bullish or bearish, which indicates reduced selling pressure. Additional infoTrendlines are most often used to determine support and resistance levels.

  • Its popularity made some believe there exists a possibility it may one day reach the very top of market cap charts, overtaking Bitcoin.
  • Additional infoThe massive wealth of whales gives them a strong influence over the market.
  • At some point, the pump-and-dump investors sell their assets, making a profit in the process.
  • Additional infoMiners assemble candidate blocks from unconfirmed transactions stored in the mempool to be added to the blockchain.

When a swing trade yields profit, the gains are usually reinvested , trying to capture another big price movement on an asset the price of which has not yet swung. Additional infoRipple provides an alternative to traditional payment infrastructure. It is built on its own scalable blockchain that incorporates several different networks, allowing for fast and secure transactions on a global scale. Ripple also has its own native cryptocurrency, XRP, a digital asset that can stand for anything transferred over the Ripple network, or RippleNet.

LIP comments

Alongside transaction data itself, blocks also contain metadata . Blocks are arranged in a temporal order, from oldest to newest. From blockchain to blockchain they vary in size and the frequency of creation . Adding a new block means collecting data and sealing it by cryptographic means.

When it comes to blockchains, they are essential in downloading the blockchain and running a node. Additional infoDYOR is a principle that stands against FOMO, or fear of missing take profit strategy out. Unsuspecting investors want to take part in a bull run and make easy money on an opportunity that seems lucrative, only to be disappointed when their investments fall flat.

This feature stops an infinite influx of coins, thus preventing inflation. Bitcoin’s limit is at 21 million , while Litecoin’s limit is 84 million. A method of measuring the size of a cryptocurrency by multiplying the price for a single coin or token with its circulating supply. Additional infoLimit orders give you control over how much you want to spend to buy a particular amount of coins or how little you are willing to accept for your coins when selling. When you place a limit order, you need to specify what the maximum or minimum is. The order will not execute if it doesn’t find a trader willing to accept your terms.

litecoin abbreviation

Please include what you were doing when this page came up and the Cloudflare Ray ID found at the bottom of this page. Litecoin’s development was initiated by Charlie Lee, and has been maintained by core developers and contributors from the community. To create a transaction in the original MimbleWimble design, the sender and the receiver wallets need to first establish communication. Both parties sign the transaction before sending out to the nodes. For a list of curated resources relevant to Lightning Network, please visit this link. With the Segregated Witness update, such instances can not happen again.


LIP 1 provides a formalized process for submitting Litecoin Improvement Proposals. By giving objective criteria to judge the progression of LIPs, this proposal aims to help keep the Status accurate and up-to-date. A LIP may only change status from Draft to Proposed, when the author deems it is complete, has a working implementation , and has community plans to progress it to the Final status. Copyright — The LIP must be explicitly licensed under acceptable copyright terms . You can email the site owner to let them know you were blocked.

A term in technical analysis which refers to a price low point which is higher than the previous price low point. Additional infoHashed timelock contracts use hashlocks and timelocks to create the conditions under which a payment can be finalized. Hashlocks require that a certain piece of data is revealed as cryptographic proof and timelocks restrict the spending of the funds before a specific time .

When the peak is reached at wave number 5, the A, B, C waves represent a bigger price correction. Waves A and C represent a price movement in the direction of the price correction, while wave B represents a slight price pullback from wave A. The theory was developed by Ralph Nelson Elliott in the 1930s. Additional infoThe double bottom pattern’s shape resembles the letter W and is formed when the price rebounds from the same support level twice in a row.

An account is also capable of triggering contract code, meaning that it can be used to deploy smart contracts or trigger smart contract functionality. Ethereum accounts are separated into externally owned accounts and contract accounts. Additional infoTrading volume is especially potent when it’s combined with observing price movements of an asset. All the price movements which are accompanied by high volume are deemed to be strong.

Additional infoFlappening took place in December 2018, during a period when Bitcoin Cash was undergoing a fork. Flappening was coined by Charlie Lee, who took inspiration from the term flippening. Additional infoThe first component of a flag pattern is a flag pole, which is formed by a significant price upsurge or a price xcritical trading platform decline. Flag patterns got their name because they visually resemble a flying flag. Additional infoPayment for any kind of items or services is considered a transaction. Transactions result in the change of balance for both participants; the seller’s balance increases, and the buyer’s balance decreases by the same amount.

Bollinger bands were developed by John Bollinger in the 1980s. Additional infoBlock time is set to a specific predetermined value decided by the blockchain’s creators. An algorithm adapts the difficulty of mining according to the computing power on the network, so that the actual time it takes to mine a block is roughly equal to the block time. This results in the actual block time being close to, but not precisely at the set value. Additional infoMining blocks is an essential process for most cryptocurrencies, but since it can take a lot of computing power, miners need an incentive to participate.

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